Every Mother Should Have
the Freedom to Feed Her Baby.

Earlier this year, breastfeeding advocates from around the state and different organizations began to work with legislators to ensure that all mothers have the freedom to feed their baby. We know a mother needs to be able to respond to when and how her individual child needs to be fed. Consequently, Idaho statute needs to protect nursing mothers whether in private or in public. Under the Transforming Communities Initiative Grant with the United Way of Treasure Valley and Trinity Health, a stakeholder group has formed and will work with elected officials to ensure passage during the 2018 legislative session.


Because it is impossible to quantify how many women are asked to leave public places or otherwise have been made to feel uncomfortable when feeding her child, we are reaching out to mothers across the state to tell us their stories.

It's easy:
1) Write a brief story or experience (4-5 sentences).
2) Include the address of the mother so we know who the legislator is for that area (we promise we won't mail
you anything…we are simply trying to keep stories relevant to the individual legislator.)

You can also contact Adrean if you have any questions about the policy at adrean@idahomoms.org

We are excited about this protection and thank you in advance for your help on this important issue for Idahoans!